The Slow Readers Club

The Slow Readers Club são os convidados desta semana e é com um enorme prazer que trazemos até vós, uma das bandas mais promissoras do Reino Unido.
Em 2015, lançam o 3º album  Cavalcade e 2016 é o ano em que a banda deixa de ser um segredo bem guardado em Manchester!
Convidados da tour “Girl at the End of the World” dos britânicos James, os The Slow Readers Club cativaram o público em cada um dos concertos bem como o reconhecimento dos media através da inclusão dos seus singles, nas playlists das principais rádios, tais como BBC 6 music, XFM e Amazing Radio.
Com agenda preenchida e concertos esgotados, prometem ainda dar muito que falar!
Estivemos à conversa com a banda e aqui vos deixamos a entrevista integral 😉

Who are The Slow Readers Club?
Aaron Starkie (Vocals / Keyboards)
Kurtis Starkie (Backing Vocals / Guitar)
James Ryan (Bass)
David Whitworth (Drums)

How does it feel to be a Mancunian band?
We are proud Mancunians. We grew up listening to bands like The Smiths, The Stone Roses, Oasis, Joy Division, New Order, James, Elbow… the list goes on. These bands set the bar high, we are doing our best to live up to that standard while finding our own voice and story.

The Blog “Even the Stars” and “Louderthanwar” refer to SRC as “one of the city´s best kept secrets” and “quite simply too glorious to be kept a secret”. What defines you?
First and foremost we write and perform great songs with infectious melodies and lyrics that connect and mean something to people. What ever happens with the band, it is amazing to think that our music has been listened to and enjoyed by people around the world.

You were the support band for James during the “Girl at The End of the World” tour in UK. 
How was the experience for SRC? 
Exhilarating, the band were amazingly supportive. Jim and Saul in particular watched every set we performed pretty much and were full of praise for our recent album ‘Cavalcade’. There have been many times in our rehearsal room over the years where we have had conversations saying ‘If only we could get a break, if only we could get on tour with a decent band’. So when the James offer came through it really was a dream come true.
We played 11 dates with them at some amazing venues including Manchester Arena and Brixton Academy in London. One of the most unexpected highlights was our performance at Bournemouth Academy. Our Drummer David was unable to do the show so we were forced to do an acoustic set at short notice. Saul joined us on stage and played violin our track ‘Forever In Your Debt’, that was a real honour.

If SRC ever come to Portugal, what can the audience expect from you?Dark and dramatic and danceable indie electro.

A song?

Gimme Danger by Iggy Pop

A book?

Steppenwolf by Hermann Hesse

A place?


A trip?

Portugal 🙂

A wish?

To play Glastonbury

(Filipa Cruz & Ines Meneres – ShoutOut music blog.)


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