Natal Português

Natal Português

Tiago Matias, o Coro de Câmara da Bairrada e o soprano Eva Braga Simões apresentam um projecto musical com repertório inteiramente dedicado à quadra natalícia, apresentando obras compostas por compositores portugueses!

Com um CD que é uma excelente prenda de Natal, com a produção de Arte das Musas, é uma escolha com muita qualidade. Um projecto que é 100% português!!! Com música original de compositores portugueses e arranjos musicais de compositores portugueses. Com a direcção de Tiago Matias e Eva Braga Simões como solista.
Ora ouçam este making off:

E comprem o que é Nacional!!!!!

Tiago Matias

Was born in Aveiro, where in 2002 he completed the high school degree in classic guitar at the Aveiro Calouste Gulbenkian Conservatory, with the maximum evaluation. In 2005 he concluded the BMus degree in Guitar at the Lisbon College of Music (ESML).
As a student from the Erasmus scholarship program, Tiago Matias studied at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid during the school year 2003/2004 .
He was awarded in several guitar competitions, among them the 1st award of Música en Compostela in 2004.
In 2005 he began the study of the guitar ancestors, like theorbo, lute, vihuela and old guitars. In this context of early music, Tiago Matias collaborates regularly with groups such as La Nave Va; Il Dolcimelo; Concerto Campestre; Officina de Mvsica; Orquestra Barroca de Lisboa; Orquestra Sinfónica Portuguesa and Sete Lágrimas. He has recorded with some of these groups and played at several festivals in Europe and Asia, such as the Music Festival (Lisbon), the Festival of Early Music of Póvoa do Varzim, Loulé, Alcobaça and Coimbra, the Festivals of Ancient Music of Daroca, Seville, Gijón and Úbeda y Baeza (Spain), the Sablé Festival (France), the Festival Abulensis (Ávila, Spain), the Fringe (Utrecht, Netherlands), the Luoghi Ascoltare (Italy / Switzerland), and the Oralidades (Portugal, Bulgaria, Italy and Malta), the Macau Music Festival, among others.
He regularly lectures lute masterclasses and teaches at the Bairrada School of Arts.

Eva Braga Simões

Natural de Braga, iniciou os seus estudos musicais no Conservatório de Música Calouste Gulbenkian, onde veio a concluir o curso complementar de Canto. Licenciou-se em Técnica Vocal pela Universidade de Aveiro, no âmbito da qual foi distinguida com uma bolsa de mérito.
Enquanto solista, trabalhou com a Orquestra Filarmonia das Beiras, Orquestra Clássica do Centro, Orquestra Barroca Casa da Música, Remix Ensemble Casa da Música e Orquestra Sinfónica do Porto Casa da Música. Estreou-se em ópera em Dido & Aeneas de Purcell (direcção de Cesário Costa), participou em produções de Venus & Adonis de John Blow, L’Enfant Prodigue de Debussy, e foi Bessie em Mahagonny Songspiel de Brecht e Kurt Weill (direcção de António Saiote). Foi ainda solista na produção A Soberba sob a direcção do actor/encenador António Fonseca, em Yukio Mishima, de Adam Darius (direcção de Kazimir Kolesnik) no Auditório da Fundação Serralves e ainda na Passio de Arvo Pärt no Grande Auditório da Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, sob a direcção de Paul Hillier. Em 2010 gravou para a banda sonora de O Embargo, filme de António Ferreira baseado num conto de José Saramago e em 2014 apresentou-se no Teatro Real de Madrid com Drumming e Steve Reich.
Colabora regularmente com Ludovice Ensemble e La Farsa. É membro do Vocal Ensemble, de Arianna Ensemble e, desde a sua constituição da Cappella Musical Cupertino de Miranda e do Coro Casa da Música.

Próximos concertos:
11 de Dezembro de 2016
16:30 – Santuário de Fátima
6 de Janeiro de 2017
21:30 – Auditório Vita – Braga
– produzido por Filipe Faria, João Diogo Pratas
– Min. tot 37’26
– Made in Austria by SONY DADC
– uma produção Arte das Musas
Informações adicionais:

Paddy Steer

Paddy Steer é o convidado desta semana e é com um enorme prazer que trazemos até vós, um pouco da sua já longa carreira enquanto músico. Oriundo de Manchester, com diversas participações e projectos musicais, este é o seu Homelife Project. Fomos ver o concerto em Vigo no MARCO – Museo de Arte Contemporánea – que fez parte de uma série de concertos por Espanha e França.
Estivemos à conversa com ele e aqui vos deixamos a entrevista integral😉


1. Who is Paddy Steer? 

I am a 51 year multi instrumentalist, recordist,  dreamer, procrastinator and DIY enthusiast
2. How does it feel to be a mancunian musician?
I don’t see myself as  particularly mancunian even though I’ve always lived here.
Manchester is a good sized city  it’s fairly easy to navigate . it’s not too big and  but it has  just about enough cultural stuff going on .
geographically … it’s a good base to play other parts of the UK as I can generally drive home within 5 hours of most towns.
Of course Manchester has a large amount of successful musical heritage and exports .. but  I don’t feel particularly connected to any of those bands musically.
3. For how long are you playing?
I’ve been playing bass since I was 14 (37 years ago) and took up drums when I was 40 and then did my first solo show when I was about 44
4. What inspires you to create music?
other music inspires me to create music, whether I like it or not doesn’t always matter.
Colours of sound-  instrumentation
the physicality of certain instruments and delicacy of others.
Juxtaposition and contrast, playing with texture..
I’m not  afraid of certain imperfections ( although some will really bother me! which leads to procrastination and exploration in the studio
Playing live is a potential  plate spinning disaster area… but the inspiration to play live is for the travel and seeing new places.. This is a little cumbersome as my equipment weighs about 250Kg and is impossible to fly
So I have to drive … which is ok .. I just  drove 5600Km to Spain and back to manchester …
5. How did you started your homelife project? 
Homelife was started with myself and  Tony Burnside from a band we were both in called yargo, and Simon King who I’d met as a composer of student films
Somehow I got in touch with Rosie Lowdell a violinist from the manchester college of music , she brought a couple of string players  and Semay Wu .. Semay brought in Seaming To singer and multi instrumentalist.
we had and old school friend of mine Faron Brooks living in canada and sending his vocals on cassettes  we’d then place them into the recordings. And Tony Burnside would sing a bit also.
the recordings became rich … and we formed a large ensemble of around 12 people  with various other musicians for a few years …
until the stress – with little financial stability -of keeping everyone together, organising rehearsals, getting gigs etc  took  its toll. ..”Let me get off ! I want to enjoy music again!
6. Please tell us what is the story of this wonderfull instruments you make, your search, what moves you in.
Making synthesizers  became fun interesting and a  new challenge..
If I was going to do more solo shows I wanted to have a unique set of colours.
I find satisfaction   learning how to build these things  and not just buying the latest development from some megalithic electronics company..
with the online feedback and troubleshooting help of Ray Wilson of ‘Music from Outer Space’ I built a few of his designs.
I put guitar pickups in our family childhood glockenspiel .. ( I remember it was always hard for our engineer to get it loud enough when we did the large homelife) Now it’s very loud.
I also remember shakers being quiet … so I made some electric shakers .. which give extra colour also … when effected and when playing drums gives an extra density.
I’m usually tinkering with some aspect of the boxes of stuff I’ve built … replacing circuits with bits of others, changing input resistors .. trying to set the levels of each mixer section …
putting in fuzz boxes … then taking them out .. trying phasers, delays, ring modulators or what ever ( where ever there is some knob space) … taking them out agin .. until I find something workable..
I’m fairly set on what I have at the moment … but have some ideas ..
7. If Paddy Steer ever come to Portugal, what can the audience expect from you?
They can expect a certain amount of chaos. which will mask  a sensitivity that exists in the home recordings. Hopefully they will see and hear humour, passion, musicality and a nervous breakdown.
Some will be appalled  by my lack of accuracy and will leave with their ears bleeding… but hopefully  they will see possibilities.
Short Answer (what comes to your mind)
1. A song?
2. A book?
If this Is a man/The Truce: Primo Levi
3. A place?
the Hills around  Coniston Water – Lake district
4. A trip?
Two nights on the River Nile on a sinking Faluka with some grumpy strangers, leaving boat then hitchhiking solo in Egypt  to nearest station then 18 hour train journey  sleeping on hard floor back to Cairo with a headache.. going to chemist getting headache pills.
5. A wish?
To earn enough to pay tax one day

Paddy Steer

Paddy is a Zelig-like character along the timeline of Manchester’s musical activity. It’s a testament to his musicality that he has played with such a wide range of music and artists over the years, be it as a bass player, drummer, Hawaiian guitarist etc. or all these roles at the same time.

His own Homelife project released six albums in recent years, Homelife’s sound was intricate but with a warm sense of wonder, a balance of songs and instrumentals. Many musicians contributed to the Homelife project, brewed slowly by Paddy in his attic before being taken out as a small orchestra for some very unique concerts.

Never one to blow his own trumpet, Paddy quietly gets on with developing his craft. There is something of the fairy-tale cobbler working late into the night in order to make the finest shoes in the kingdom, or maybe the musical elves strike up while he’s in bed.

Recorded , It’s a sometime cartoon-like music  dense with events, new textures and the colours of children’s paintings,sounds like a Swiss cuckoo clock made of egg boxes and horsehair, glued together by an African Moog player in a Vietnamese iron monger’s shop.

In rejection of the notion of ‘immaculate reproduction’, live performances  err more daringly and admirably on the frontier of chaotic abstraction, expression and focussed blunder, dice rolling down the hill in case of duende, as from behind his stacked array of instruments, the anarchically intrepid punk gargles through a vocoder with his xylophone, all a-clatter under disco lights and doilies. dog-and-partridge-1-1mb

Nuno Norte @ Casa da Música


NUNO NORTE vem com a sua banda à Casa da Música, apresentar o seu espectáculo “ SAL TOUR 2016/2017”, onde, para além das músicas que constituem o seu cd “ sabe a SAL”, editado em Junho deste ano, revê, com novas roupagens musicais, temas que fazem parte da sua carreira musical.
Possuidor de um timbre vocal muito próprio, Nuno Norte tornou-se conhecido do grande público, por ter vencido o concurso televisivo “ Ídolos” da SIC em 2004.
Deu voz ao projecto “ Filarmónica Gil “ (João Gil e Rui Costa), actuou em Festivais da Canção da RTP e em muitos espectáculos em nome próprio, um pouco por todo o País. Convidou para este concerto dois grandes cantores e amigos: TOZÉ SANTOS (Per7ume) e JOÃO GRANDE (Táxi).
Bilhetes à venda em Ticketline e Casa da Música.

The Slow Readers Club

The Slow Readers Club são os convidados desta semana e é com um enorme prazer que trazemos até vós, uma das bandas mais promissoras do Reino Unido.
Em 2015, lançam o 3º album  Cavalcade e 2016 é o ano em que a banda deixa de ser um segredo bem guardado em Manchester!
Convidados da tour “Girl at the End of the World” dos britânicos James, os The Slow Readers Club cativaram o público em cada um dos concertos bem como o reconhecimento dos media através da inclusão dos seus singles, nas playlists das principais rádios, tais como BBC 6 music, XFM e Amazing Radio.
Com agenda preenchida e concertos esgotados, prometem ainda dar muito que falar!
Estivemos à conversa com a banda e aqui vos deixamos a entrevista integral 😉

Who are The Slow Readers Club?
Aaron Starkie (Vocals / Keyboards)
Kurtis Starkie (Backing Vocals / Guitar)
James Ryan (Bass)
David Whitworth (Drums)

How does it feel to be a Mancunian band?
We are proud Mancunians. We grew up listening to bands like The Smiths, The Stone Roses, Oasis, Joy Division, New Order, James, Elbow… the list goes on. These bands set the bar high, we are doing our best to live up to that standard while finding our own voice and story.

The Blog “Even the Stars” and “Louderthanwar” refer to SRC as “one of the city´s best kept secrets” and “quite simply too glorious to be kept a secret”. What defines you?
First and foremost we write and perform great songs with infectious melodies and lyrics that connect and mean something to people. What ever happens with the band, it is amazing to think that our music has been listened to and enjoyed by people around the world.

You were the support band for James during the “Girl at The End of the World” tour in UK. 
How was the experience for SRC? 
Exhilarating, the band were amazingly supportive. Jim and Saul in particular watched every set we performed pretty much and were full of praise for our recent album ‘Cavalcade’. There have been many times in our rehearsal room over the years where we have had conversations saying ‘If only we could get a break, if only we could get on tour with a decent band’. So when the James offer came through it really was a dream come true.
We played 11 dates with them at some amazing venues including Manchester Arena and Brixton Academy in London. One of the most unexpected highlights was our performance at Bournemouth Academy. Our Drummer David was unable to do the show so we were forced to do an acoustic set at short notice. Saul joined us on stage and played violin our track ‘Forever In Your Debt’, that was a real honour.

If SRC ever come to Portugal, what can the audience expect from you?Dark and dramatic and danceable indie electro.

A song?

Gimme Danger by Iggy Pop

A book?

Steppenwolf by Hermann Hesse

A place?


A trip?

Portugal 🙂

A wish?

To play Glastonbury

(Filipa Cruz & Ines Meneres – ShoutOut music blog.)


António Mão de Ferro

António Mão de Ferro é o convidado #ShoutOut desta semana!

“As performances ao vivo de António Mão de Ferro refletem o aspecto multicultural da sua música. Temos pop, blues, rock, folk e elementos latinos ao longo de todo o concerto.

Ouvimos as suas influências através da música, de uma forma muito sedutora. Temos músicos como Waits, Dylan, Bowie, Beatles e outros, mas António Mão de Ferro realmente pega nessas influências e faz com que pareçam parte integrante dele.
É a sua própria história, com voltas e reviravoltas inesperadas.
Apesar de ser multi-instrumentista, António Mão de Ferro brilha com sua poderosa maneira de tocar guitarra , inspirada nos blues, e com a sua voz suave e quente.
Apoiado por uma banda de estrelas, António Mão de Ferro consegue recriar as paisagens complexas e intrínsecas das suas gravações em estúdio, onde todos os elementos musicais diferentes transportam o ouvinte numa viagem que não vai esquecer.”
Fiquem atent@s, a semana ainda está a começar 😉


Sugestão ShoutOut

12143278_754068128031710_8849430173077617270_n.jpgOnline 3 é a sugestão ShoutOut da semana!
Para quem gosta de estar a par de tudo o que se passa no mundo digital, com apresentação de Álvaro Costa.
“Um programa sobre as tendências digitais do dia, que traz para a televisão os conteúdos, os assuntos, as personagens que agitam a cloud, os novos media, em especial as redes sociais. Factos, posts, novidades, notícias, filmes, imagens, tweets, instagram, atualidades de um dia na net, e da net.”
De segunda a quinta na RTP3 ou em:

Bom fim de semana 😉

Spaceheads interview by ShoutOut

unnamed-1Esta semana, os nossos convidados são os Spaceheads.
Andy Diagram (também conhecido como trompetista dos britânicos James) e Richard Harrison formam o duo de trompete, bateria e electrónica.

O trompete electrizante de Andy, produz loops harmonizados ao vivo e amostras irreverentes que controla através de um telemóvel instalado em cima do seu trompete com um fish slice.

Os estratos fortes do bronze são propulsionados pela bateria, percussão e folhas de metal dobradas de Richard Harrison.

Os Spaceheads formaram-se em 1990, percorreram o mundo e editaram onze álbuns até à data. Durante mais de 25 anos  Andy e Richard adquiriram uma intuição sobre o que cada um vai fazer a seguir, o que torna os seus concertos semi-improvisados uma experiência surpreendente para a assistência.
A ShoutOut esteve à conversa com Andy Diagram, que entre outras coisas, menciona a Praia de Miramar, como um dos seus sítios preferidos!

Ora leiam…. 😉

Who are Spaceheads?

Spaceheads are a duo of trumpet and drums and we use effects to enhance the sound.

Andy Diagram plays the trumpet and uses loop machines and harmony machines to build big layers of brass so that the single trumpet can sound like an orchestra

Richard harrison plays drums and percussion and adds bits of metal to the tops of his cymbals and plays hairbrushes and bells and extra bits of home made percussion.

For how long are you playing together?

We have played together for 36 years in various bands …but as Spaceheads for 26 years.We started in 1990 and have released eleven albums so far. We have toured around Europe and the USA.

What can we expect from a Spaceheads live performance?

Because we are only two people and we have played together for so long we can be very flexible live. We can make up tunes on the spot and go from very quiet to very loud in an instant. We pick tunes at random from our back catalogue and improvise around them. We can go from very un electrified trumpet and drums to very full music with loops. We are very rhythmic so expect to dance at our concerts. We also tour for the last 8 years with Rucksack cinema which uses multiple projectors to light up the whole room and mix video along with our music. It is very Psychedelic.

What inspires you to create music?

That is a hard question because it is something that we love doing and have always done. We are inspired to create new music all the time. We try and invent and look for new ideas and new sounds all the time. We like to look forward and not backwards although we like to play some of our old tunes, we love to look for new tunes and ideas. We don’t play cover versions very often as we like to make up our own tunes but we are inspired by other musicians and again when we listen to other people we try and find new bands and people to love rather than having old favourite records that we play all the time.

How was your experience in Portugal?

We love Portugal. For us the weather is much warmer and sunnier than UK….where it is often wet and cold. The people in Portugal are always very friendly and welcoming. We played two concerts in March 2016 and had a fantastic time not only doing concerts but busking in the street. We were very well looked after and ate fantastic food ….vegetarian of course!

What keeps a band together along the years?

I think the most important things are that you like each other and that you are enjoying what you do. It is easier when there is only two people, but it helps if you are constantly developing and changing. If you get stuck in old ways then it is harder to keep enthusiastic. It is great not only for the music but for the travelling and meeting new people. Again it is easier if you are only two people as it is not as expensive as a big band. We have had many adventures along the years …touring around europe and the USA. We hope that it continues

What’s your Spaceheads favourite album or EP?

For me it is always the next one ….the one that we are working on at the moment….sometimes it is hard to listen back to your own music and have favourites, but we are very pleased with our last album “A Short Ride on the Arrow of Time” because it captured for the first time on record Spaceheads jamming and making tunes up on the spot. This is the way we have always worked. We do long jams and then take bits out to make tunes. But on this record we just left the jams as they were played …so you can hear the tunes being invented on the spot. it is very live in the studio and has lots of rough edges …but we like that!

Short answer (what comes to your mind)

A song?  Only have eyes for you – Lester Bowie (big influence on early Spaceheads when we started)

A book?  The great Animal Orchestra – Bernie Krause (opens your ears to the wonderful sounds of nature)

A place?  The beach at Miramar Porto where we had our photos taken at sunset and have spent wonderful times

A trip?  The first Spaceheads tour of USA in 1996, where we went “Round the Outside” in a big circle across the USA for 9 weeks and made so many new friends

A wish?  World Peace …..we need to ban nuclear weapons, cut back on military spending and come together as a world to save our planet from environmental destruction and climate change…… a wish and a hope and a reality if we fight for it.

Thank you!!


Hoje é dia de nova apresentação!!
Spaceheads são os convidados desta semana!
Andy Diagram (também conhecido como trompetista dos James) e Richard Harrison tocam juntos há já 36 anos mas iniciaram este projecto em 1990 e vieram a Portugal pela primeira vez em Março deste ano.
Esta é uma semana completamente dedicada a esta banda e nos próximos dias publicaremos a entrevista integral, onde, entre outros assuntos, Andy Diagram menciona a Praia de Miramar como o spot favorito! 😉